Conan Exile Penis Slider

Funcom’s bold attempt at championing the male form in Conan Exile will be toned down for the game’s Xbox release.

The game’s release on Steam earlier this year caused a stir not because of the fun, gameplay or graphic performance but an ‘endowment slider’ among the customisation options.  The chance to customise penis size was a first!

Creative director Joel Bylos has told Glixel that the studio has been told in no uncertain terms that such anatomical frivolity will not be welcome on Xbox.

Xbox has been pretty clear with us that it’s not going to fly. It’s just going to be off by default I think. I don’t know if partial nudity might be OK. We haven’t spoken to Xbox about breasts. They do allow breasts in some of their games, but the penises definitely won’t be there.

“There was a lot of talk from our team in Japan – because the game is translated in a lot of languages – and the Japanese translation team said ‘you’ll be banned in Japan because you have penises. That’s a flat out ban.’ But we haven’t heard anything.

Bylos also admitted that Funcom was shocked by how the news took, adding that…

We thought it’s there and people will find it, I thought people would just sort of see it and laugh and move on but I wasn’t expecting the attention, the viralness of it.

Conan Exiles is already available on Steam Early Access, where it has sold over 3m copies. Xbox One and PS4 versions are to follow.