DSL to fibre; the wilderness years from tortoise to hare


As an update to earlier Slow & Steady Op-Ed – It’s been nearly six years. six long, slow years of hoping, wishing and a lot of e-mails and letter but it looks like BT Openreach are finally about to enable my local cabinet for fibre!

I’ve been away from Neon HQ for a few days and the day before I left a hole appeared next to the green phone cabinet serving our road.  Out of the hole a bundle of cables.  At the time I had a glimmer of hope but in the time I’ve been away the hole has turned into a brand new green cabinet that is used for fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)  and fibre to the premises (FTTP) services. A quick check of the the BT fibre journey checker confirms they are on the last few stages of installation and there is a chance these services will be available before the year is out.

All Neon HQ staff are happy!

Well, I am. Mrs Neon Gamer keeps saying it’ll be available to everyone except us.