First Game – Asteroids!


As promised earlier here’s my first game attempt – Asteroids!

It’s a remake of the classic Atari Asteroids game with some updated asteroid and ship graphics.  It’s very simplistic with no levels as such, the asteroids just re-spawn when the screen is clear.
That was the plan anyway but there is a bug which I can’t kill!  I’ll let you find it 🙂

Controls are simple:

  • Left and Right arrow keys to rotate the ship.
  • Up arrow to accelerate.
  • Space to fire.
  • W will warp the ship.
  • R restarts the game.

It’s a zip file so just unzip and run the executable.  If you have GameMaker Studio 2 and want to see the code that runs this you can find the source code here.

Download Asteroids.