Get Out First Impressions


So I got to see Get Out tonight as part of Odeon Cinema’s Scream Unseen – similar to their Screen Unseen but with more scares.  I thought I’d note a few first impressions before heading to the land of ZZzzz.

Having seen Moonlight a few weeks ago on a Screen Unseen and really wishing I could get that time back I was wary going in and quietly hoping it would be Kong: Skull Island.
I’ll be honest I was pleasantly surprised!
The film is described as a comedy/horror/mystery and is all of those things but none of these genres stands out above the others.  It was at times funny while being scary or mysterious while being jovial.  There were a few bloody scenes but nothing too gory, which makes a change in these days of “torture porn” like the Saw and Hostel series.

There were a few times though where the film reverts to scary film stereotype and the protagonist does something stupid – hears a noise and goes to check it out even though everyone is currently out to kill him!
Don’t expect greatness but certainly not a bad film.