Housemarque hits again with Nex Machina


The Finnish game developer Housemarque, in collaboration with Robotron and Smash TV creator Eugene Jarvis, have released their latest arcade shooter on the world – Nex Machina.
This twin-stick shooter, much like their game Resogun, is a full on assault on the eyes and ears as well as bullet-laden hell-ride of epic proportions!

The video above shows the first 2 worlds (in beginner mode) and as you can see it’s mental. The game features a split screen/same screen co-operative mode but I have yet to try this as I’m having too much fun on single player.
The game uses the signature voxels that the devs used to such great effect on Resogun which means that so much of the scenery can be destroyed you end up shooting everything just in case (and Housemarque have hidden secrets behind the walls – cheeky sods). This also means that the shear amount of stuff that happens on-screen is sometimes overwhelming.

The audio for Nex Machina is both full on arcade with gun effects and explosions rocking your speakers to a vaguely house/trance soundtrack assaulting your ears which is very reminiscent of the Amiga/ST demo scene from the 90s.