Swiftpoint Z Mouse – Last Mouse You’ll Ever Need

The Z Mouse from Swiftpoint
The Z Mouse from Swiftpoint

After successful funding on IndieGoGo I recently purchased the Swiftpoint Z Mouse and I have to say I’m loving it!
Having tried a variety of multi-button rodents (Cyborg MMO7, Steelseries Rival 500 most recently) the Z Mouse is, hands down, the best mouse I’ve used yet.
It is a little on the pricey side (OK, it’s expensive) but it is new and it does pack in some features never before seen on a mouse like deep click (2 actions, 1 button), analogue buttons and analogue tilt/pivot.

Deep click is by far the most useful at the moment as I am playing a lot of 3rd person action and FPS games.  This feature lets you map 2 actions to one of the 4 deep click enabled buttons and will activate based on pressure.  Imagine playing Battlefield as a sniper.  Right click brings the rifle to your face, press the button a little harder and the rifle zooms in. Now take the shot with a standard left click.  In practice this is a joy to do!

Using deep click, 2 fingertip buttons and 2 trigger buttons the Z packs more than 12 potential functions/button presses into the same space as a normal mouse has just 2 buttons.
Add to that the analogue tilt (which you can also use as a mode switcher) and you basically don’t need to use the keyboard for anything other than movement.

I’ve been using the mouse for about a week now and am getting to grips with the programming of the buttons and how to make the most of deep click and the tilt features The current driver software, while not the most user friendly, gets the job done and has so far allowed me to do everything I’ve needed to.

Sure, it’s new and it does have some teething issues but I’m sure the guys at Swiftpoint will iron these out in a future software update.
If you’re a PC player and need lots of functionality in the palm of your (right only at this time) hand then you may want to consider the Z.

For anyone who has a Z Mouse I may get some mouse programming tutorials up in the near future but for now I have created a template for recording your configuration on.
Available in both JPG and PSD version feel free to use them however you want (although a mention would be nice).