Tools of the Trade – Game Design

Design paper and pencil

I have a dream.  OK, so not as worthwhile as Martin Luther King’s dream.  But I have one nonetheless.  My dream is to one day design and create a video game.

As with the coding, graphics and audio side of things I need the right tools for the design.  Now, I’m not just talking about the look of the game or the design of the player/background/whatever but the actual game design document or GDD.
You can see my main tool of the design trade in the picture above.  Yup, a pad of graph paper and a pencil!
Sure when it comes down the the wordier bits I will probably use Word or some other word processor but for the first stage – the brainstorm – I’ll just use pencil and paper and you should too.

I’m also reading Level Up! The Guide to great video game design by Scott Rogers which is a great read for any game developer starting out.  Scott lays do the basics and then goes into details about how you go about ensuring your design makes sense and, most importantly, can be followed by your team.
Of course I don’t have a team but a solid design is still required so I have focus rather that trying to scatter-gun a game.