Cosmigo ProMotion

Now, I’m no professional game developer.  Nor am I an artist so all of this making my own game malarkey is completely from scratch.  I have ideas of what I would like to do but no experience of how to achieve these goals.

So step one on my graphics journey was to choose an art style that I could learn fairly easily.
I’ve chosen Pixel Art (or 8-bit 16-bit style if you will).
I’m not suggesting pixel art is easy – you still need artistic skill, patience and the right tools – but it’s learning curve is not as steep as 3D graphics using tools such as Blender, 3DMax or Maya!

The book I am using a guide on this part of my journey is Pixel Art for Game Developers by Daniel Silber which can be purchased on Amazon.

Daniel lists various software tools for creating pixel art such as Grafx2, Aseprite and Paint.NET but recommends two – the free version of GraphicsGale to start and, if you’re feeling more adventurous, Cosmigo’s Pro Motion.
I’m going to be using Pro Motion for this part of my journey.

Deluxe Paint 4 - pixel art
Deluxe Paint 4 – Commodore Amiga

Most of the programs listed above are based, at least in part, on the old Amiga graphics package Deluxe Paint which was amazing for it’s time and something I used when I was younger so I’m hoping it won’t be too traumatising to learn!