Where next for InXile?


InXile Entertainment’s latest crowdfunded game, Torment:Tides of Nemenera, is almost upon us.  This spiritual successor to the classic Planescape Torment is eagerly awaited by many fans, myself included, and looks set to be another classic RPG.

But with development completed (except for the inevitable patches) where will inXile go next?  The answer is simple – The Bard’s Tale IV.
The Bard’s Tale is a ‘proper’ sequel to the classic Bard’s Tale which takes the game back to it’s turn-based combat roots and humorous lead character (we won’t talk about the last Bard’s Tale which was, in my opinion, not very good and moved away from the RPG formula of it’s predecessors – sorry guys).  Of course the polish and shine of a modern game is all there..

Ok, OK that’s not the new Bard’s Tale, you got me.  This is how the original game looked back in 1981.  I first got to play the series in the late 80s when I played the full trilogy on the Commodore 64 and although I never finished any of them they hold a special place in my gaming heart.
So when I heard that inXile were funding a true sequel via Kickstarter I knew I had to help.

The Bard’s Tale IV can’t come soon enough for me but before then there’s Torment:Tides of Numenera 🙂
No a company to rest on their hands InXile has already crowdfunded the next game – Wasteland 3!

I tip my hat to Brian Fargo and the talented people at InXile.