ZeniMax trying to shut down Oculus?


Papers filed last week in Texas by ZeniMax show that the company behind Bethesda are trying to halt sales of both the Oculus Rift and associated software.
Having already been awarded $500 million earlier this month after it was found that Oculus violated an NDA ZeniMax doesn’t think that this is enough money and that it won’t hurt Facebook.

Having recently bought an Oculus Rift what does this mean for me?  If ZeniMax succeeds in blocking the sale of the Rift and software that contains Oculus support what will I play?
Due to the power requirements of the Vive I considered the Rift a viable option.  Now there is a chance of having an expensive headset with no software.  This would suck 🙁

I love the Rift and don’t have the space or power for a Vive so really hope that ZeniMax and Facebook can find a solution soon that allows developers to continue to support the Rift.